Simberloff, Daniel y Lawrence G. Abele. 1982.

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Simberloff, Daniel y Lawrence G. Abele. 1982. Refuge design an island biogeographic theory: effects of fragmentation. Am. Nat. 120(1):41-50

"Cole's theoretical conclusion that one large site generally contains more species than several small ones [(SLOSS question)] is falsified by data in the literature, as is his contention that exceptions will only occur when the species in the sites are but a small fraction of those in the species pool. For a variety of taxa, for a number of different habitat types, and for a wide range of sizes of the biota as a fraction of the pool, either there is no clear best strategy, or several small sites are better than one large site. Since there are numerous idiosyncratic biological considerations, plus a number of nonbiological ones that bear heavily on refuge design, it is unlikely that a general reductionist model can generate useful predictions or advice on this matter." Tomado verbatim del resumen del artículo.

Véase Diamond, 1975 para resumen de los puntos contradichos por Simberloff y Abele.